Jørgen Sandvik is an award winning artist. He is known as a member of the folk rock band Real Ones . Jørgen has received the “Spellemanspris” (Norwegian Grammy) and several other prices. As a solo artist Jørgen Sandvik plays the blues with strong influences from jazz. His career spans 20 years of concerts and recording with major Norwegian artists, and touring the world.

Jørgen Sandvik

Jørgen Sandvik is a singer and a guitar player, known for his subtle style of playing and his clear voice. He experiences the blues more of a state of mind than a musical genre. Jørgen plays his blues with great respect for the old masters. He is also influenced by jazz legends like Charlie Parker,  Miles Davis and Django Reinhart. His blues influences are Peter Green, Skip James, BB King and Leadbelly to mention a few.


Jørgen SAndvik at The tall ship races in 2014

Jørgen Sandvik – Bergen Tall Ship Races 2014

Jørgen plays solo or with his band Permanent Vacation.

His band, Jørgen Sandviks Permanent Vacation, is an exciting quartet featuring musicians from the blues, folk and jazz scene, playing a very free form of the blues.  

Selected festivals and venues:  Nattjazz, Bergen Lives Sessions, Skånevik Bluesfestival , Vossajazz (Norway), Øya, Norwegian Wood (Norway), Congo Square (Kolkata), World Expo (Shanghai), The Bowery Ballroom (New York)  Dranouter Festival (Belgia), Paradiso (Amsterdam), Gent Fest (Belgia),  Vancouver Folk Festival (Canada), Go North (Aberdeen, Scotland) SXSW (Texs) and others.

Grammy – Spellemannprisen

Album art from the album Permanent Vacation

Permanent Vacation, the Grammy winning album

His first solo solo album entitled Permanent Vacation was  released in March 2018 by Lekrofon. The CD and LP is distributed by Border Music (Norway) and Plastic Head. The album was awarded the Norwegian Grammy (Spellemannprisen) for the best blues album of 2018.

Jørgen has a long career as a recording artist with bands like Real Ones and others. His recordings  has several awards, nominations and lots of airplay on Norwegian Radio.