Jørgen Sandvik is an award winning artist from Norway. At this page you find quotes and links to reviews for his first album Permanent Vacation.

Quotes from reviews

  •  just what we need to keep roots music alive, Santa Rosa Records (US)
  • Jørgen Sandvik moves the blues forward, Harry Simpson (UK)
  • Avis aux amateurs! – Tell it to the blues lovers!, Fred Delforge (FR)
  • Jørgen Sandvik saves the blues, Bergens Tidende (NO)
  • An album worth a few repeat listens, it grows in echoing depth and delivers nicely, Iain Patience, Blues Magazine (NL)
  • “…strong blues records from that region, which have just that little bit more..”…”especially in the conviction with which the blues is brought,, he is far beyond most other blues of this time” – Pop Heaven magazine, (NL)
  • Jørgen’s refreshing look on the blues genre makes the CD a great listen, MLWZ (POL)
  • Is There Hope? is one of several great tracks on the album. And yes, there is hope for the blues! Øyvind Rønning, Dagbladet (NO)
  • I like the sound of it, Gary Grainger (UK)
  • Great solo debut album from Jørgen, Barry “Baz” Maxwell, Blues on the Hill (AU)

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