Jørgen Sandvik nominated for the Spellemannspris 2018

Press release 9. february 2019

Jørgen Sandvik is nominated for the Norwegian recording industries award, the Spellemannspris. This is a Norwegian Grammy. The album Permanent Vacation is nominated as the best blues album in 2018. Presenters on British blues radio station said that “Jørgen Sandvik is moving the blues forward”. Others claimed that Jørgen Sandvik is saving the blues! The album is produced by Ivar Chelsom Vogt and Jørgen Sandvik.

The album consists of Jørgen’s own songs, and classics that have been thoroughly reworked. The album is traditional, yet experimental. The album is recorded with some unusual instruments like the TR808, flutes, cello and pump organ. But most of all Permanent Vacation is Jørgen Sandvik playing guitar and singing with great respect for the old masters and the tradition of the blues.

Jørgens’ standing in the issue on tradition vs development is that he “looks further back- and forward”.

Is There Hope? is often mentioned as one of the highlights of the album. This was was picked up by the editorial team of Spotify, and even surfaced on the official list of songs going viral in Norway!

Jørgen Sandvik (43) has already won the Spellemannspris award twice with the folk rock band Real Ones. He has also other awards.

  • Nominated best blues album of the year 2018
  • Press photos EPK: http://jorgensandvik.com/media/
  • Released by  Lekrofon March 16. 2018.
  • Distribution CD og LP: Plastic Head and Border Music (Norway)


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